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Welcome to the simulation dome! 

Octane remix is a fast paced Single Player Obstacle Hell Racing Game, where you drift, fly, and race your way through the course in order to gather as much score at possible! Will you be able to handle the heat?

Race, Remix, Replay!

Select a segment anywhere on the level and pick a "Remix" for it; an obstacle which changes the challenge of the segment completely! Adapt the level to provide the right challenge for you, and assure that each play through will be different!

Select from one of three unique characters!


Ludwigs golden car is one of speed like no other, matched only by the flamboyancy of its fabulous driver.


 Michishige drives a car that oozes of her personality. Easy to maneuver and handle, this car is perfect for getting around tough obstacles and avoiding them with ease!


Much like his car, Akash is a tough and experienced racecar driver. His truck may not be the fastest, but it's by far the most resilient, able to smash through rocks by using its enhanced boosting system!

Game Outline

Octane Remix is an arcade-style single-player racing game with reality defying driving, crazy obstacles to dodge, and easily customizable tracks.

The gameplay is centered around dodging obstacles and managing the temperature and integrity of the car in order to get the best time or score, whichever of these the player chooses to pursue.

The game features an easy to use editing system for changing the obstacles the players face, with the option to export their track variant as a snippet of text that can be shared with other players outside of the game client to challenge each other.

The game has a high score system at the very core of its track selection navigation, with the scores separated by the choice of obstacles, allowing people to easily find and challenge other players with similar obstacle preferences.

The players have 3 characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of speed and maneuverability, as well as each driver featuring a unique special ability. These aspects give the player options for different ways to get past the obstacles ahead.

Octane Remix takes thematic inspiration from the neon-esque retro look of synthwave and vaporwave; a futurism aesthetic, with some environments based on the Canadian Badlands/Monument Valley. Additionally, it also takes inspiration from racing games such as Trackmania and Split/Second, as well as the bullet hell genre of games.


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Install instructions

Unzip the folder and launch the executable.

Known Bugs:

Framerate drastically decreases on computers without a dedicated graphics card or operating on UHD/integrated CPU Graphics Cards.

When changing tracks, you need to restart the game, otherwise it crashes.


OctaneRemixJuly30th.zip 1,010 MB